2020: October 15th, Penesta Dika ISEA2020: chair at ISEA2020: Moderation of Artist Talk with Sue Huang [US], Amanda Gutierrez [MX], Gregory Bennett [NZ], Liz Canner [US].


2020: October 13th, Penesta Dika, chair at ISEA2020: Moderation of POLITICS OF SENTIENCE: DEVICES FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE with César Escudero Andaluz [ES], Christa Sommerer [AT], Adnan Hadzi [MT], Rilla Khaled & Samuelle Bourgault. 


2020: Penesta Dika, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, et al., Community Creates Mobility: Participatory Speculative Critical Design beyond dream-making for the City, ARS Electronica Festival 2020, Linz Austria, September 9, 5 pm - 8 pm. 


2019: Penesta Dika, Iconography of Interactive Digital Artworks created using VR- and AR-Technology, international symposium Glowing Globe 2019, Science-Fiction-Art, Rijeka 13.-23. November.


2019: Penesta Dika, "Interaktive Digitale Kunst Virtual- und Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence und Telematic in der Kunst", 5th November, Kunst VHS 1090, Vienna, Austria.


2019: Penesta Dika – Moderation von “Reincarnation of Media Art” with international media artists within the opening of the programm of WRO 2019, HUMAN ASPECT, Breslau, 17. Mai (Polen).


2018: Penesta Dika, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Katje Berger and Jose Luis Preza Diaz, „Food Cultures, Co-Design“, presented within the Programm of the ÖAW in: "Europian Researchers' Night 2018" – Re-Wired, 28.09.2018, Vienna, Austria.


2018: Penesta Dika, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Katja Berger and Jose Luis Preza Diaz, "Food Cultures, Co-Design", interactive digital artwork developed within the programm "The Postdictionary as a living experience: Food Culture experiments" (at the Academy of Sciences in Austria), exhibited in: Ars Electronica Festival 2018: "Error - the Art of Imperfection", 6-10 September, Linz, Austria.


2014: Penesta Dika (artworks), Pierre Weber (compositions): „Makro und Mikro in Tönen und Farben“ (Macro and Micro in Sounds and Colors):

Live concert of Pierre Weber compositions on piano accompanied with Penesta Dika’s paintings in a personal exhibition, Opernring 8, 1010 Vienna, Austria.


2009: Penesta Dika, Tomor Elezkurtaj, “Shape, Color & Sound”, in: “Flute Sounds” – Internationale Festival der Musik, Prishtina, Kosovo.


2007: Penesta Dika, “Visual Motifs in Interactive Media Art”, in: Ars Electronica Festival ’07 “Goodbye Privacy”, 5- 11 september, Linz, Austria.


2006: Penesta Dika, Tomor Elezkurtaj, “Shape, Color & Sound”, in: Ars Electronica Festival ’06 “Simplicity – the art of complexity”, 31 August-1 September, Linz, Austria.