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Dr. phil. Penesta Dika

Books and International Journals

2022: Conversation of Penesta Dika, Johannes Deutsch, Johannes Holzmann at Galerie Lukas Feichtner, in: Ralph Schilcher (Ed.), Johannes Deutsch. Face, Space and Mental Landscape, Ein Rundgang durch die Austellungstrilogie III und die Atelier Collection Graz, Band 2, Jot Kringel Verlag, Graz.


2021: Conversation of Penesta Dika, Johannes Deutsch, Johannes Holzmann at Galerie Lukas Feichtner, in: Ralph Schilcher (Ed.), Johannes Deutsch. Face, Space and Mental Landscape, Ein Rundgang durch die Ausstellungstrilogie, I-II, Band 1, Jot Kringel Verlag, Graz.


2020: Penesta Dika, Review of Oliver Grau, Janina Hoth, & Eveline Wandl-Vogt (Eds.) (2019). Digital Art through the Looking Glass: New strategies for archiving, collecting and preserving in digital humanities. Edition Donau-Universität Krems and Austrian Academy of Sciences, in: Postdigital Science and Education, Springer, Switzerland.


2018: Penesta Dika, Review of Ana Peraica (2017). Culture of the Selfie: Self-Representation in Contemporary Visual Culture, at: Postdigital Science and Education, Springer, Switzerland.


2017: Penesta Dika. Interactive Digital Art. Visual Motifs and their Meaning, Logos, Berlin. 


2011: Penesta Dika, Cities in Interactive Media Art, in: Journal of Arts & Sciences, Vol. 4, No. 24, pp. 337-342. Prague, Czech Republic, International Conference for Academic Disciplines (21-23 June).


2010: Penesta Dika, Interactive virtual architecture: back-curating flight and visitors as tramway-driver, in: International Conference Proceedings, Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece.


2009: Penesta Dika,"Biological Motifs designed using the Principles of Artificial Life", in: International Journal of advanced Intelligence Paradigms, Volume 1, Number 3, Interscience Publishers UK.


2008: Penesta Dika, "Research of the Motifs in Interactive Media Art concerning the Visual Aspect", in: Christa Sommerer et al (Eds.), Interface Cultures - Artistic Aspects of Interaction, Transcript, Biefeld.


2007: Penesta Dika. Die Computerkunst Herbert W. Frankes, Logos, Berlin.


2005: Penesta Dika, "Die Computerkunst Herbert W. Frankes", in: "Computer, Art, Faszination", Dr. Dozler Medieninstitut Verlag, Frankfurt/Main.

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Presentations in Exhibitions, Conferences, Festivals, Symposium, Events and Workshops


2022: Herbert W. Franke's Art: Image Processing Systems & Programming / Mathematical Formulas in Art, Live Event, Talk in English (+15 language subtitles available), invited by Anilla Cultural Latinoamerica Uruguay, International Programme of Training "New Media for Teachers", 1st Dezember 2022, 1 PM. 


2021: Co-developer of the Manifesto for Biocultural Diversity published at the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


2020: October 15th, Penesta Dika ISEA2020: chair at ISEA2020: Moderation of Artist Talk with Sue Huang [US], Amanda Gutierrez [MX], Gregory Bennett [NZ], Liz Canner [US].


2020: October 13th, Penesta Dika, chair at ISEA2020: Moderation of POLITICS OF SENTIENCE: DEVICES FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE with César Escudero Andaluz [ES], Christa Sommerer [AT], Adnan Hadzi [MT], Rilla Khaled & Samuelle Bourgault. 


2020: Penesta Dika, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, et al., Community Creates Mobility: Participatory Speculative Critical Design beyond dream-making for the City, ARS Electronica Festival 2020, Linz Austria, September 9, 5 pm - 8 pm. 


2020: Penesta Dika, EASTER 2020?, in: Pandemic Art, curated by Aura Balanescu, 


2019: Penesta Dika, Iconography of Interactive Digital Artworks created using VR- and AR-Technology, international symposium Glowing Globe 2019, Science-Fiction-Art, Rijeka 13.-23. November.


2019: online exhibition at:, curated by Liz Canner, Paul Marshall et al. see:


2019: Penesta Dika, "Interaktive Digitale Kunst Virtual- und Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence und Telematic in der Kunst", 5th November, Kunst VHS 1090, Vienna, Austria.


2019: Penesta Dika – Moderation von “Reincarnation of Media Art” with international media artists within the opening of the programm of WRO 2019, HUMAN ASPECT, Breslau, 17. Mai (Polen).


2019: Workshop: Biodiversity in connection with Linguistic and Cultural Diversity, Austrian Academy of Sciences, ACDH, 23-24 October.


2018: Penesta Dika, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Katje Berger and Jose Luis Preza Diaz, „Food Cultures, Co-Design“, presented within the Programm of the ÖAW in: "Europian Researchers' Night 2018" – Re-Wired, 28.09.2018, Vienna, Austria.


2018: Penesta Dika, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Katja Berger and Jose Luis Preza Diaz, "Food Cultures, Co-Design", interactive digital artwork developed within the programm "The Postdictionary as a living experience: Food Culture experiments" (at the Academy of Sciences in Austria), exhibited in: Ars Electronica Festival 2018: "Error - the Art of Imperfection", 6-10 September, Linz, Austria.


2018: Design thinking for Multidisciplinary Humanities, Workshop: CO-DESIGN OF A FOOD LAB, DARIAH -EU 2016 („Public Humanities“) and explore.AT (Austrian Academy of Sciences).


2017: Penesta Dika, Reflections of contemporary society in media art: The visitor as a leading actor in artworks. RE:TRACE 2017, 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, Poster Presentation.


2014: Penesta Dika (artworks), Pierre Weber (compositions): „Makro und Mikro in Tönen und Farben“ (Macro and Micro in Sounds and Colors):

Live concert of Pierre Weber compositions on piano accompanied with Penesta Dika’s paintings in a personal exhibition, Opernring 8, 1010 Vienna, Austria.


2011: Penesta Dika, "Fractals in the Artworks of Herbert W. Franke", International Congress Albshkenca 2011 (01- 04 september), Prishtina, Kosova.


2009: Penesta Dika, Tomor Elezkurtaj, “Shape, Color & Sound”, in: “Flute Sounds” – Internationale Festival der Musik, Prishtina, Kosovo.


2007: Penesta Dika, “Visual Motifs in Interactive Media Art”, in: Ars Electronica Festival ’07 “Goodbye Privacy”, 5- 11 september, Linz, Austria.


2006: Penesta Dika, Tomor Elezkurtaj, “Shape, Color & Sound”, in: Ars Electronica Festival ’06 “Simplicity – the art of complexity”, 31 August-1 September, Linz, Austria.



Exhibitions Catalogues


2021: Conversation of Penesta Dika, Johannes Deutsch, Johannes Holzmann at Galerie Lukas Feichtner, in: Ralph Schilcher (Ed.), Johannes Deutsch. Face, Space and Mental Landscape, Ein Rundgang durch die Ausstellungstrilogie, I-II, Band 1, Jot Kringel Verlag, Graz. 


2018: Art in Process - Process in Art (Catalogue with DVD), International Exhibition, curated by Penesta Dika.


2017: CONSCIOUSNESS - PAST AND PRESENT, Artworks of Shqipe Kamberi, Museum of Kosovo.


2017: Albana Ejupi depicts acts and silhouettes of acts dealing with women, love, memories and challenges, Gallery of Ministry of Culture, Prishtina, Kosovo. 


2017: ART AS APROACH, Penesta Dika, KunstRaumZwei, Vienna, Austria.


2017: Penesta Dika, David Smyth, Das Nebensächliche als Hauptmotiv – die Autonomie des Eckbilderrahmens in den Werken von Smyth, Vienna, Austria. 


2016: Penesta Dika, Snapshots of Internationally Known Chess Games in the Works of Simone Domeniconi. Chess Games and Chess Figures Intensifying Feelings, Creating Relationships and Accentuating the Impact of a Person, Nation or Event. Museo Madi in Argentina. 


2016: Penesta Dika, Combination of harmonious figures and conflicting figures in paintings of Laureta Vinca Mulliqi. Happiness, and the wish to experience it again as such, in: Exhibition Catalogue, Galeria Qahili, Prishtina.


2016: Penesta Dika, KosovArt, Galerie Lukas Feichtner, Vienna, Austria.


2011: Penesta Dika, “The Game of the Walls" by the painter Valbona Rexhepi, presents challenges which have to be overcome in order for one to be in harmony with oneself, contemporary society and the rhythm of the universe, KIC - Cultural Informative Center, Skopje, Macedonia.


2011: Penesta Dika, The painter Faton Kryeziu uses portrait as tool to penetrate the spiritual mood of the represented persons, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo.


2011: Penesta Dika,“Shoshë” von Erëmira Çitaku, in: “Shoshë”, exhibited in „Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art“, Prishtina, Kosovo.


2010: Penesta Dika, writing for the exhibition catalogue “Contact II” of the artist Adem Rusinovci, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina/Kosovo.


2010: Penesta Dika, writing for the exhibition “Artists of Tomorrow”, National Gallery of Kosovo. (Organized in cooperation with the American embassy in Prishtina).


2009: Penesta Dika, work description of “2 Hana” (engl: two moons) of the artist Erëmira Çitaku, video- performance with fute, published in: “Tingujt e Flautit 2009” (Flute Sounds 2009) – International Music Festival, Prishtina, Kosovo.


2009: Penesta Dika, Introduction, 30th anniversary of the Kosova Art Gallery, published by the National Gallery of Kosovo. 

in Newspapers 



2016: Wiener Zeitung (Austria), Claudia Aigner, "Wir sind da mal da", report on the exhibition "KosovArt" that I curated, February.


2016: „KosovArt“ në „Galerie Lukas Feichtner“ kuruar nga Dr. Penesta Dika, in XLPress (18.01.2016).


2015: Penesta Dika, Fustanet valeviten si famuj triumfues ne Stadiumin e Prishtines (Dresses blow like triumphal fags in the stadium of Prishtina), in: Koha Ditore, Kosovo, an Article about the work “Thinking of You” by Alketa Xhafa-Mripa.


2010: Penesta Dika, In front of the Collection of the Kosova Art Gallery (orig. “Përballë Koleksionit të Galerisë së Arteve të Kosovës”), published in ZËRI, Kosovo.


2006: Neues Volksblatt (Austria), "Die "Kunst der Einfachheit" von findigen studiosi demonstriert", my interactive digital artwork "Shape, Color & Sound" was presented as example, on 31. August


In online platform of Digital Art:



 2010: Penesta Dika, “Gravicells - gravity and resistance” (2004-2008) of Seiko Mikami, published in:

2009: Penesta Dika, “Rara Avis” (1996) of Eduardo Kac, published in: 



2021: Claudia Aigner, Niki Passath: Leinenzwang für Pinsel, at: Wiener Zeitung, 03.06.2021.


2019: MOON, interdisciplinary posthumanist art, Digital Culture, Interviews, at: (clot magazine).


2019/2020: Vernissage. 


2019: Immersiveness and interactivity in documentary storytelling. The Apnea case study, T. Mazali, V. Vozzo.


2014: History of Computer Art, T. Dreher.


2006: Neues Volksblatt (Austria), "Die "Kunst der Einfachheit" von findigen studiosi demonstriert", my interactive digital artwork "Shape, Color & Sound" was presented as example, on 31. August. 


Radio / TV / Online Streaming:


2022: Penesta Dika ~ "Herbert W. Franke‘s Art: Image Processing Systems & Programming / Mathematical Formulas in Art", 1st December 13 h CET, or 9 h UYT, or 12 h GMT. 

(Talk in English, on YouTube a day after the event +15 languages subtitled)

Streaming Facebook Live Anilla Cultural Latinoamérica-Europa en Uruguay / Global Network or InfoArt Uruguay & Global Network or Anilla Cultural Uruguay






2010: Kohavision: Expresslive: A day with Penesta Dika, Kosovo.

2010: Radio Televizioni i Kosoves: Morning-Magazine: Interview, Kosovo. 




2017: Ö1: Interviewed as expert of computer art by Dr. Ulrike Schmitzer about my book on Herbert W. Franke.




Koha Ditore, "Things are being repeated every time in another dimension".

Seven chapters that dominate my everyday-life in past and present

28. Mai.