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Penesta Dika - art curator, researcher, univ. lecturer and artist


Penesta Dika

Penesta Dika lectures Academic Publication Practice, Media Art History and Artistic/Scientific Research Methods at the University of Art in Linz (Austria), at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten (Austria) and at the UBT in Prishtina (Kosovo). 

She works also as a freelance curator in Vienna developing curatorial concepts based on the latest researches of AI, AR, VR, telematics and synesthesia. 

The results of her scientific research have been published in famous book publishing companies  (e.g. Transcript), in top journals (e.g. Interscience, Springer) and in international conferences and Festivals (e.g. MediaArtHistories, or WRO Biennale).

Her collaborations with the Academy of Sciences in Austria (Digital Humanities) were presented at ARS Electronica Festivals and at the "Europian Researchers' Night" in Vienna. Also her interactive digital artwork ‘Shape, Color & Sound’ and her dissertation thesis were presented at the Ars Electronica Festivals. She was also member of the International Programm Committee ISEA2020 (Montreal/Canada). 

Penesta Dika is the founder of the Association SciTechArt in Vienna. The purpose of the association is education, promotion and research in scientific and technological art. She also established the styles of art MediaDetoxism and BigDataism

Penesta Dika studied Art History at the University of Vienna and obtained her PhD on the field of Interface Culture and on Mediaarthistories at the Linz University of Art in Austria. Her master’s thesis "Die Computerkunst Herbert W. Frankes" was published in book form in 2007, in honour of Herbert W. Franke’s 80th birthday. Her dissertation thesis was also published as a book: ‘Interactive Digital Art. Visual Motifs and their Meaning’ (Logos, Berlin (2017)).