2021: Conversation of Penesta Dika, Johannes Deutsch, Johannes Holzmann at Galerie Lukas Feichtner, in: Ralph Schilcher (Ed.), Johannes Deutsch. Face, Space and Mental Landscape, Ein Rundgang durch die Ausstellungstrilogie, I-II, Band 1, Jot Kringel Verlag, Graz. 


2018: Art in Process - Process in Art (Catalogue with DVD), International Exhibition, curated by Penesta Dika.


Participating artists: Cesar Escudero Andaluz (ES), Aura Balanescu (RO), Katja Berger (AT), Albana Ejupi (KS), Gaz Ejupi (UK), Shqipe Kamberi (KS), Ardiana Shasivari-Kika (KS) and Valerie Tiefenbacher (AT). 

Participating Composers: Sonic Perception (Anyla Berisha (KS) and Stephanie Fridrik (AT)): Rrita Bejtullahu (KS), Erëmira Ҫitaku (KS), Visar Kasa (KS), Anna-Sophie Kern (AT) and Visar Kuqi (KS). 

in collaboration with SciTechArt and Sonic Perceptions, at: ausstellungsraum.at, Vienna 1060.


2017: CONSCIOUSNESS - PAST AND PRESENT, Artworks of Shqipe Kamberi, Museum of Kosovo.


2017: Albana Ejupi depicts acts and silhouettes of acts dealing with women, love, memories and challenges, Gallery of Ministry of Culture, Prishtina, Kosovo. 


2017: ART AS APROACH, Penesta Dika, KunstRaumZwei, Vienna, Austria.


2017: Penesta Dika, David Smyth, Das Nebensächliche als Hauptmotiv – die Autonomie des Eckbilderrahmens in den Werken von Smyth, Vienna, Austria. 


2016: Penesta Dika, Snapshots of Internationally Known Chess Games in the Works of Simone Domeniconi. Chess Games and Chess Figures Intensifying Feelings, Creating Relationships and Accentuating the Impact of a Person, Nation or Event. Museo Madi in Argentina. 


2016: Penesta Dika, Combination of harmonious figures and conflicting figures in paintings of Laureta Vinca Mulliqi. Happiness, and the wish to experience it again as such, in: Exhibition Catalogue, Galeria Qahili, Prishtina.


2016: Penesta Dika, KosovArt, Galerie Lukas Feichtner, Vienna, Austria.


2011: Penesta Dika, “The Game of the Walls" by the painter Valbona Rexhepi, presents challenges which have to be overcome in order for one to be in harmony with oneself, contemporary society and the rhythm of the universe, KIC - Cultural Informative Center, Skopje, Macedonia.


2011: Penesta Dika, The painter Faton Kryeziu uses portrait as tool to penetrate the spiritual mood of the represented persons, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo.


2011: Penesta Dika,“Shoshë” von Erëmira Çitaku, in: “Shoshë”, exhibited in „Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art“, Prishtina, Kosovo.


2010: Penesta Dika, writing for the exhibition catalogue “Contact II” of the artist Adem Rusinovci, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina/Kosovo.


2010: Penesta Dika, writing for the exhibition “Artists of Tomorrow”, National Gallery of Kosovo. (Organized in cooperation with the American embassy in Prishtina).


2009: Penesta Dika, work description of “2 Hana” (engl: two moons) of the artist Erëmira Çitaku, video- performance with fute, published in: “Tingujt e Flautit 2009” (Flute Sounds 2009) – International Music Festival, Prishtina, Kosovo.


2009: Penesta Dika, Introduction, 30th anniversary of the Kosova Art Gallery, published by the National Gallery of Kosovo.